Hansen Boer Goats

Quailty Boer/Fainting goats

     Hansen Boer Goats is located 20 miles south of Front Royal and 7 miles north of Luray in the Page Valley region of Virginia.  We have been building our herd over the past 23 years Giving us a quality hardy Goat that will thrive in a open pasture setting.  

     We used Red Hot Hank son of Red Hot $ from Max Boer Goats for our foundation (herd) building Buck.  We have purchased from Max Boer Goats, Red Hot Asset who is a direct brother to the top indexing buck in the nation (2004).  This buck is sure to throw color and mass to our herd. We have added a sire called Sam to the herd he has the original Powell/Holman genes which has put size to the heard.   We used a Pure bred fainting goat as a sire for a couple of years which has made kidding a breeze.  We currently are using a full blood Boer  buck as or herd sire he will surely throw some size and weight gains to our herd

 We currently only have Fainting/Boer cross goats at this time.  Over the years we have found this to be a more successful goat than the full blooded Boers.   This cross breed requires less maintenance, better birth rates, and lesser worming.  Over all we have a hearty goat that has great muscling giving better finish weights at butchering time.