Hansen Boer Goats

Quailty Boer Goats

     Hansen Boer Goats is located 20 miles south of Front Royal and 7 miles north of Luray in the Page Valley region of Virginia.  We have approximately 30 head of quality registered Boer goats.  We have been building our herd over the past 10 years allowing us to offer our customers a variety of choices with full blood, percentage and commercial goats for sale.  We offer reds, paints and traditionals, with excellent pedigrees and bloodlines at an affordable price. 

     We used Red Hot Hank son of Red Hot $ from Max Boer Goats for our foundation (herd) building Buck.  We have purchased from Max Boer Goats, Red Hot Asset who is a direct brother to the top indexing buck in the nation (2004).  This buck is sure to throw color and mass to our herd. We have added a sire called Sam to the herd he has the original Powell/Holman genes sur to through the size to the